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Building a strong partnership

In a significant step towards advancing coral reef restoration efforts, Reefolution welcomed the executives from the Mwakamba Beach Management Unit (BMU) on a visit to Shimoni on June 15th 2023. On arrival they immediately embarked on an underwater adventure guided by Reef Rangers. Equipped with snorkeling gear, they dove into the calm and clear waters of the Wasini Channel. They explored the remarkable progress made by Reefolution since its inception in 2015. From the coral tree nurseries to the artificial reefs and ongoing coral experiments, every step of the restoration journey was unveiled before their own eyes.

After the snorkeling experience, the executives were introduced by Idris to various artificial reef structures, including Bottle Reefs, Reef Star cages, and Moses modules at the workshop area. These innovative structures play a pivotal role in rejuvenating the coral ecosystem and providing a habitat for marine life. To deepen their understanding of the coral reef restoration project, the executives had the privilege of attending a presentation by another Reef Ranger. With her expertise and passion, Cindy shed light on the project's goals, methodologies, and the positive impact it has had on the local ecosystem. The informative session enabled the executives to grasp the broader socio-economic implications and ecological benefits of the restoration efforts.

The visit also provided an invaluable opportunity for an engaging question-and-answer session with members of the Mkwiro BMU. The executives eagerly inquired about the socio-economic aspects of the coral reef restoration project, further highlighting their commitment to not only ecological preservation but also community well-being. This fruitful exchange of perspectives set the stage for a collaborative vision to expand the pilot study in Diani into a comprehensive reef restoration project.

Following the visit and an enriching day of exploration and knowledge-sharing, the Mwakamba BMU executives expressed their utmost enthusiasm for the project's achievements. Their positive feedback and shown willingness to collaborate are paving the way for an exciting step forward. With the Mwakamba BMU's support, a full-scale reef restoration project is becoming possible. The BMU executives understand the need for quick action to safeguard the marine environment and secure the livelihoods of the local community of Diani in the near future.

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