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Collective Effort for a Cleaner Coastline

At ReefoDivers Diani's pilot project, our commitment to marine conservation extends beyond coral reef restoration. It encompasses a broader dedication to preserving the beauty of Diani Beach and its pristine coastal environment. On the 25th of August, our trainee Faith embraced this commitment by participating in a local beach cleanup, representing both Diani Youth Beach Cleaning and Reefolution Diani. This collaborative effort, organized in conjunction with other esteemed conservation organizations, including the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) and the county government of Kwale, yielded remarkable results—a total of 239.6 kilograms of debris collected along our coastline, stretching from Mwanyaza Landing Site to Pinewood Resort.

Faith's involvement in the beach cleanup exemplifies the passion and dedication of our team members. As a trainee at the ReefoDivers pilot project, she has embarked on a journey of learning about coral reef restoration and environmental stewardship. Her decision to join this cleanup as a representative of our team showcases her commitment to making a tangible impact on the community and the marine environment she holds dear. The success of this beach cleanup is a testament to the power of collaboration. By uniting with other conservation organizations and the county government of Kwale, we amplified our impact and demonstrated the collective strength of dedicated individuals and groups working toward a common goal. The debris collected not only represents a cleaner coastline but also symbolizes the shared commitment to preserving the natural beauty of Diani Beach for generations to come.

If you would like to help the marine environment, please sign up for our Beach Cleanup activity!

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