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Fun Reef Restoration Activities

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Swahili Beach Resort, nestled along the stunning coastline of Diani Beach, not only offers luxurious getaways for families but also takes pride in contributing to the conservation of the breathtaking coral reefs in the area. Understanding the critical importance of these marine ecosystems, we have designed an educational program that allows children to engage in coral reef restoration activities while having fun!

Through an interactive presentation with captivating visuals, a Reef Ranger educates the children about the vital role coral reefs play in supporting marine biodiversity and coastal communities. After absorbing fascinating insights into coral ecosystems, the real adventure begins. Children jump into the resort's pools to search for coral fragments scattered at the bottom. Equipped with masks and guided by the Reef Ranger, the children embark on a mission to find these fragments, symbolizing the rescue of corals from degraded areas.

Having collected the coral fragments the children then carefully attach the 'rescued coral' fragments to nursery structures we call coral trees. These nurseries simulate our project in the ocean, allowing the corals to grow and develop in a safe and optimal environment. The quicker they complete the task, the higher the survival chance for the corals they've saved. This playful approach not only adds excitement to the activity but also emphasizes the urgency of restoring coral reefs, which are facing various threats worldwide.

Swahili Beach Resort's coral reef restoration activities offer a great blend of fun, education, and environmental stewardship. So, the next time you plan a family vacation, consider Swahili Beach Resort and join them in their mission to protect and restore our oceans, one coral at a time.

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