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Get hands-on experience

Explore our coral nursery area and donor reef dive site under guidance of one of our experienced team members. This dive will be a great introduction to any of the specialty diver courses we have to offer.
If you are short on time, but you still want to help us out with coral reef restoration, we can recommend doing an Experience Dive with us.



Upgrade your dive skills and participate in marine conservation dive activities. By participating in our dive courses and conservation activities you can make use of the facilities we provide at Swahili Beach resort, like dive gear and tools.
Every specialty dive course includes a PADI specialty diver certificate. Minimum age is 15 years with a minimum dive certification for Open Water and the last logged dive within one year.


AWARE Coral Reef Conservation


Get an introduction on reef restoration by participating in an interactive presentation and exploring our dive site.

Peak Performance Buoyancy


Learn to control your buoyancy to save air and energy and to avoid damage to the aquatic environment.

Coral Reef Restoration Diver


Bring theory into practice by filling and maintaining coral nurseries and out-planting corals to artificial reef structures.

Dive Against Debris®


Collect trash and critical survey data from a cleanup dive to be used by marine researchers for conservation efforts.

* We recommend doing an Exploration Dive as an introduction to any of our PADI specialty diver courses.

Watch this promotional video about our specialty course: 'Padi Coral Reef Restoration Diver'

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