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Conservation Center

Education & Marine Conservation

At Swahili Beach we have set up a conservation center for visitors with a focus on marine education and environmental awareness. The center is located at the beach front next to our ReefoDivers dive base. We have created a small coral garden to inform our guests about coral reef restoration and the structures that we use to grow coral underwater. For children we organize fun activities so they learn about the reef.

Eco Activities

500 ksh


Save our corals

Dive into the swimming pool with a mask and snorkel and collect colorful coral fragments at the bottom. To save the corals they need to be attached in time in our mini coral tree nurseries!


Beach safari

Visit the rock pools at the beach with a field guide and discover the marine animals that are hiding at low tide. Find all the creatures on the pictures and be the first one saying: bingo!


Beach Cleanup

Join us in a beach clean-up and help to protect birds and marine life from ingesting plastic or getting entangled. Count and analyze the found items and create a catchy message with it!


Swahili Beach Resort, Diani Beach Road, Diani Beach, Kenya

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