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Reefo Divers Diani

We run an educational dive base focused on coral reefs and coral reef conservation. We are located at Swahili Beach resort Diani, with our own boat, compressor and dive equipment. Our goal is to train certified divers to become coral reef conservation divers. Therefore we have developed a PADI distinctive specialty course called Coral Reef Restoration Diver. Participants who have completed this course can apply to volunteer with us for minimal expenses and a maximal experience. Karibuni!

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Project Team


Guido Paap

Guido Paap (NL)

Project Coordinator / Master Scuba Diver Trainer

This experienced dive instructor, teacher and graphic designer coordinates our diving program, educational activities and promotional materials. He has been attached to REEFolution since July 2018.

Peter Vodegel

Peter Vodegel (NL)

Project Manager / Dive Master

This dedicated marine biologist has set up and managed our pilot project in all its different facets from mid 2020 until mid 2022 and is currently supporting us with outreach activities in the Netherlands.


Ali Twaheri Mohammed (KE)

Boat Captain

This former fisherman from Funzi island has over 20 years of experience as a captain. He takes our divers out to the reef on the boat from Swahili Beach resort and supports us from the surface any time we need.

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Reef Rangers



Joshua O Abel

Reef Restoration Diver

An enthusiastic marine scientist and skilled diver with Advanced Open Water certification. He has been helping on the project since July 2022 and aids with stakeholder engagement.


Cathrine W Nduati

Reef Restoration Diver

This dedicated and smiling marine biologist, conservation practitioner and PADI Open Water Diver, is passionate about sustainability, marine education and ecosystem restoration.


Nancy M Ogega

Reef Restoration Diver

A marine scientist, environment enthusiast and PADI Open Water Diver. She's passionate about the coral reef ecosystem and involved in coral reef restoration and research.


Lireway Mwazighe

Reef Restoration Diver

This passionate marine biologist and Reef ranger has been trained by REEFoDivers in Diani to help out achieving the building and construction goals of the coral reef restoration pilot project.

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Rosalie Balie

Rosalie Bailie (IE)

Reef Restoration Diver

This enthusiastic marine biologist has been trained by REEFolution and has helped out to set up our new pilot project in Diani in 2020.

Claire Barr

Claire Barr (US)

Dive Master

This ambitious marine biologist has volunteered at REEFolution for a half a year and has been helping out with our research.

Adriana Barnett

Adriana Barnett (ES)

Dive Master

This energetic marine biologist has volunteered with REEFolution in Shimoni and then moved to Diani to take care of our coral nurseries.

Jackie Lobera

Jackie Lobera (ES)

Reef Restoration Diver

This enthusiastic marine biologist with previous experience in coral reef restoration has volunteered for a month at our pilot project.


Shelby Weisburg (US)

Reef Restoration Diver

This warm-hearted teacher and writer has been diving and working with us on the voice-overs of our new Morning Talk videos.


Bart Schoon (NL)

Specialty Dive Instructor

This skillful marine biologist has managed our pilot project underwater from July until December 2022.


Vera Putker (NL)

Reef Restoration Diver

This hard working plant scientist with previous experience in coral restoration has helped decorating parts of our conservation center.


Luna Gravina (ES)

Specialty Dive Instructor

This very motivated marine biologist, managed our pilot project and research activities from Dec 2022 till Mar 2023.


Naomi Slikboer (NL)

Reef Restoration Diver

This dedicated marine ecologist is helping us out for 7 weeks with building cage structures and maintaining our coral nurseries.

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