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Coral in the swimming pool

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Coral reefs are one of the most vibrant and diverse ecosystems on our planet, but they are also one of the most threatened. The good news is that there are people who are working to restore these amazing underwater worlds, like at REEFolution in Kenya. Now, for the first time ever in the Netherlands, you can learn how to do it too!

The Coral Reef Restoration Diver course has been set up by Guido (ReefoDivers Diani) and Erik Huijgen from Discovery Divers in the Netherlands and is an incredible opportunity to learn how to make a real difference to the future of our oceans. The course is designed to give participants the skills and knowledge they need to become a PADI Coral Reef Restoration Diver. The specialty course takes place at different locations: the swimming pool in Bodegraven and the Marine Dive Tower in Den Helder. On April 15th the participants learned the basics of coral reef restoration under the guidance of dive instructor Erik. During their first dive they practiced cutting and placing coral fragments in a coral nursery. On April 30th, they will learn how to maintain the coral nursery and on the third dive, they will outplant coral fragments on artificial reef structures. Their first dive was an exciting and rewarding experience and they are now certified to apply their new skills to the natural reef in Kenya. By learning how to restore coral reefs, they join a growing community of people who are working to protect our planet's most valuable and fragile ecosystems.

For more information, please visit or reach out via our contact form.

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