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Glass bottle reef recycling

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

During a full day workshop at Swahili Beach we have produced 10 bottle reefs out of empty glass bottles. Currently there is no system in place to recycle these bottles so most end up as trash on landfills. First we clean the bottles we collected by taking off the paper and plastic labels, stickers, metal wraps and bottle caps. Then we cut circular moulds out of discarded plastic buckets that we fill up with a layer of concrete. About 12 glass bottles are evenly spread around in the mould and in the middle we place a metal hook. After adding a bit more concrete to bind everything together we let them dry overnight, so the moulds can be taken off again. The bottle reefs are now ready to be taken to our reef restoration site where we can attach live corals to them. Over time the corals will completely cover the structure and function as a shelter for fish at the reef.

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