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Second Reef Ranger Traineeship

On May 16th 2024, we were thrilled to welcome six community members to our Reef Ranger training program at Swahili Beach Resort in Diani. These trainees, four men and two women selected by the Mwakamba Beach Management Unit, are set to become PADI Coral Reef Restoration divers. Over the next three months, they will participate in swimming classes and engaging presentations about coral reefs and our restoration goals. They'll learn to construct artificial reef structures and coral tree nurseries, essential for growing and outplanting corals. Additionally, they will study coral, fish, and benthic species through online materials, enhancing their understanding of marine life diversity. We hope our trainees will become passionate reef ambassadors and find exciting new opportunities for their future and the future of the oceans.

The Reef Ranger traineeship has been made possible by PADI AWARE and WWF.

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Bulisa Ogonda Masiga
Bulisa Ogonda Masiga
May 17


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