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Attacked by unknown sea creature

During a maintenance dive last week we noticed that six of our coral tree nurseries were barely buoyant. We discovered that all the white opaque jerrycans, which we use as floaters to keep the coral nurseries upright, had holes at the corners. Meanwhile all the transparent water bottles that we use as floaters were still fine. On further investigation the holes in the white jerrycans seem to look like bite marks. We suspect that either triggerfish or parrotfish could have done this, but we are all but sure. In the scientific literature we found that there's no definitive answer to why some fish attack the white plastic. We hope one day we will come across the sea creature that causes the damage, because we can't wait to get him on camera!

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1 Comment

Joshua Oginda
Joshua Oginda
Jul 01, 2022

Interesting things going on here.

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