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Fingers crossed and ropes entangled

The weather conditions in June and July are generally not the best for diving in Diani, so we hadn't been able to check upon our coral nurseries for a while. Finally this week we were happy to get back into the water, but while keeping our fingers crossed, we found two coral nurseries and one depth gradient severely entangled. There was a fishing line with weights spiraling around the structures and the floaters were leaking. Just when we were done we realized there was a second cluster of structures completely messed up. The heavy sinkers were far out of place and twisted around each other. The next morning we managed to unentangle three more nurseries and moved them a few meters apart from each other. A fishing vessel might have got stuck and must have dragged our nurseries along the bottom. Unfortunately these incidents happen, so we urgently need to create more awareness among the local fishing community about our project and the benefits of a healthy coral reef for the fish and the community.

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