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Looking after our coral nurseries

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

The weather conditions haven't been much better in the period of August and September, but we found a few good opportunities to get out and look after our nurseries. Sometimes the surge and swell were too strong underwater, challenging our new Reef Rangers and volunteers during their dives. However, the team managed to move all shifted coral nurseries back into their positions, and secure them by interconnecting ropes to withstand the currents. A small percentage of coral fragments had not survived the impact of the ongoing pressure on them, so these corals had to be replaced by cuttings from more resilient coral colonies in the nurseries. Now the nurseries have been cleared from algae growth and filled with healthy coral fragments to grow. Let's hope for the weather to becoming better in October and November so we can go out more often to monitor the wellbeing of our corals and take more visitors out diving to have a close look at them.

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