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Meet Larry - Our resident green turtle

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Beneath the calm waves of Diani Beach, a unique character has taken residence in our coral nurseries and has been around for over a year now. Fondly named Larry, this enigmatic green sea turtle has found an unexpected haven at the Swahili Nurseries dive site. Whether it's the subtle sway of the Indian ocean or the soothing ambiance of the coral fragments, Larry seems to have a preference for hooking itself onto the branches of our depth gradients. With its front flippers gently gripping the structure, Larry appears to find peace in this unique underwater sanctuary.

The sight of the green turtle casually hanging on a branch, seemingly lost in contemplation, has become a familiar and heartwarming sight for divers who frequent the nursery area. However, the turtle's interactions with the structures and coral fragments sometimes results in delightful chaos. But we don't mind. We're happy to hang dislodged corals back in place and we feel thankful that Larry plays an important role in raising awareness about marine conservation. Guests who visit our nursery area for a firsthand experience of coral reef restoration often receive a friendly welcome from Larry. This beautiful and gentle creature reminds everyone of the importance of safeguarding the precious marine environment and to restore the reefs as much we can.

If you like to have a chance to meet Larry, you're welcome to discover our local diving spot!

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1 Comment

Bulisa Ogonda Masiga
Bulisa Ogonda Masiga
Aug 23, 2023

I'd love to meet Larry one day 😁

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