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Outplanting corals to bottles

Today, our marine biologists Luna and Nancy embarked on an exciting coral reef restoration project. After carefully harvesting a selection of Acropora spp corals that have been growing in tree nurseries for the past year, they began the process of outplanting them to artificial reefs made from recycled glass bottles. But this project is about more than just propagating corals. It is also a test to see if these artificial reefs made from recycled glass bottles are suitable for restoration. These structures offer a number of benefits for coral reef restoration, including the ability to create habitat for a variety of marine species and to help protect against erosion.

Our reef rangers will be monitoring the success of the restoration project. Over the coming weeks and months, they will be closely observing the corals to see how they are adapting to their new home and whether the artificial reefs are providing the necessary conditions for their growth and survival. By carefully cultivating and propagating corals in tree nurseries and experimenting with the use of artificial reefs, we can increase the chances of success for these vital restoration projects and help protect some of the world's most important and beautiful ecosystems.

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