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Visit to REEFolution Shimoni

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Last week was an exciting adventure for us at REEFolution as we embarked on a visit to Shimoni with a group of seven important representatives from the Mwakamba BMU in Diani. Our day kicked off with an exhilarating snorkeling experience in the Wasini Channel, where REEFolution has deployed over 250 coral tree nurseries and more than 1000 artificial reef structures. It was a delight to see the BMU-members brimming with enthusiasm and awe at the success of the reef structures, as they were expertly guided by Idrisa, one of the local Reef Rangers.

After the snorkeling, we engaged in an interactive presentation about our coral reef restoration project and its impact on the marine ecosystem. Our guests were fascinated and intrigued by the coral gardening concept, and we were delighted to share our knowledge with them. We then proceeded to the construction site for our artificial reef structures, where Bulisa, an experienced Reef Ranger, showed our visitors the different possibilities and solutions being practiced.

We wrapped up the day with a group discussion and Q&A session with three additional local Reef Rangers and Yvonne, the manager of the project in Shimoni. The BMU-members left us with an overall positive impression and expressed their eagerness to continue the partnership with REEFolution for a similar project in Diani. We're thrilled to have made such an impact and look forward to making even more significant strides towards marine conservation.

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