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A tragic encounter in Diani

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

As the day dawned and we prepared for our diving activities, our excitement turned into sorrow upon the discovery of a lifeless marine creature at the beach. Our captain, Ali, spotted the green turtle washed up on the beach front of Swahili Beach Resort. We made photos to help identify the sub-adult turtle, and our Reef rangers moved it up on the beach, since the tide was quickly coming in. We immediately informed Diani Turtle Watch who swiftly arrived to assess the situation, capturing measurements and photographs for further investigation. While the cause of death is uncertain, preliminary assessments point towards drowning or food poisoning, since it showed signs of internal bleeding. However, a definitive answer requires a comprehensive necropsy conducted by a specialized veterinarian. Through this examination, we hope to shed light on the circumstances that led to the tragic fate of this approximately 15 years old turtle. Efforts were made to identify the green turtle through the sea turtle database of the Olive Ridley Project. This is a crucial tool - with over 700 registered individuals - to identify, analyze and monitor these magnificent creatures. However, this turtle's identity could not be established, leaving us in the dark about the area he or she initially inhabited. This incident serves as a reminder of the pressing need to strengthen our marine conservation initiatives and enhance awareness of marine species. May you ever encounter a sea turtle washed up at Diani, then make a clear picture from the top and a close up of each side of the head. Pin your location and inform Diani Turtle Watch and The Olive Ridley Project to further investigate the cause of death. Together, we can strive for a future where sea turtles thrive, the seas are protected, and such tragic encounters become a thing of the past.

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1 Comment

Diani Youth Beach Cleaning
Diani Youth Beach Cleaning
Jun 27, 2023

Thank you for capturing this.let's stand together to protect the marine life .

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