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Christmas workshops for children

Christmas is a time for celebrating and giving back, and what better way to do that than by participating in some fun and meaningful Christmas workshop activities at the beautiful Swahili Beach resort in Diani Beach? We organized 3 different activities to children aged 6-15.

  1. Beach clean-up and creating slogans with trash: As part of our Christmas workshop, we organized a beach clean-up to help protect the stunning natural surroundings of the resort and the surrounding marine life. Not only did we work together to remove trash from the beach, but we also got creative by using some of the collected items to create slogans and messages that promote environmental awareness.

  2. Exploration of the rockpools at low tide: One of the most exciting parts of our Christmas workshop was the opportunity to explore the rockpools at low tide. With the help of a local marine biologist, we learned about the various marine species that inhabit the rockpools and got to see them up close. It was a truly unique and educational experience that allowed us to appreciate the beauty and complexity of the marine ecosystem.

  3. Attaching coral fragments to mini coral tree nurseries in the swimming pool: In an effort to support coral reef conservation, we participated in a activity where we attached coral fragments to mini coral tree nurseries in the resort's swimming pool. It was a fun and hands-on way to learn about coral reefs and how we can help protect them.

Overall, our Christmas workshops at Swahili Beach resort were a great way to spend the holidays while also giving back to the community and the environment. We're looking forward to see more children participating in the year 2023, karibuni!

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