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First Reef Ranger Training Program

On June 6th we were excited to welcome 5 enthusiastic trainees for our Reef Ranger training program at Swahili Beach resort in Diani. After a short introduction to the team they participated in an interactive presentation about our coral reef restoration project and their role in it as a trainee. During this first week they have been constructing coral tree nurseries that will be used to grow coral fragments in the ocean. The trainees got their first swimming classes and did a beach cleanup with a full analysis of the trash they found. For the coming months they will also be studying coral, fish and benthic species through masterclasses and online educational materials. As long as they keep showing great motivation and dedication they will be trained from basic swimmers up to PADI Coral Reef Restoration Divers. We do wish them good luck and fun!

This Reef Ranger traineeship has been made possible by Huygens Lyceum (NL).

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