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Team building workshop Nivea CEWA

On April 27th an amazing race has been organized for Nivea Central, East & West-Africa (CEWA) at Swahili Beach resort in Diani. We were happy to have played a role in this event where we did a quick workshop with 10 teams. One team filled a coral tree nursery with hundred fragments and the next team 'harvested' these 100 fragments again. This way the teams learned a little more about the importance of the protection of coral reefs. One way we can protect the coral reefs in our oceans is by using reef safe sunscreen or reef friendly sunscreen. At Nivea, they understand the importance of protecting and reducing our impact on these coral reefs, which is why all of their sunscreen is free from oxybenzone and octinoxate, making it a reef safe sunscreen. We can recommend applying reef safe sunscreen whenever you're about to plunge into the ocean and enjoy the magical beauty of the reef!

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